Having enjoyed a successful career in the entertainment industry, film and television actress and former  MTV VJ Janesuda Parnto launched her eponymous clothing line, JANESUDA, with one simple desire: to create the most comfortable and timelessly stylish staple for every contemporary woman’s wardrobe: the T-shirt.

Janesuda has always championed the humble T-shirt as the ultimate go-to garment, as truly great T-shirt acts like a second skin, offering ample comfort and confidence to its wearer. Never coming across any T-shirts with the exact combination of perfect fit, flattering cut and premium cotton material, she decided to create her own, ardently studying the intricacies of pattern-making, stitching, dyes, and knit fabrics.  

The result: JANESUDA’s first hallmark line, the Signature Tee, launched to remarkable acclaim in 2012. 

Since this encouraging start, Janesuda’s range of fashionable essentials has continued to expand, with the introduction of the Signature Tank – a sexy, low-cut, body-conscious sibling of the Signature Tee, crafted from the same premium cotton fabrics. 

 The Signature Dress soon made its debut, taking design cues and inspiration from its top-half predecessors. These dresses feature a casual racerback detail that flows seamlessly into a more formal full-length silhouette, making for a feminine yet unfussy and versatile option that has been streamlined for easy suitability for both daywear and evening functions.

 In addition to continuing the refinement of these brand staples, JANESUDA has ventured further, with the challenges and rewards of producing thematic seasonal lines, ranging from casual sundresses to formal eveningwear. 

 What began as a passion project has transformed into a full-time endeavor, and Janesuda continues to design every original piece to exude sensuality, vivaciousness, and enchantment, while striving to maintain the sheer elegance, effortless refinement and carefree spirit embodied in the DNA of the ever-evolving JANESUDA brand.