JANESUDA is the eponymous clothing line of Janesuda Parnto, founded with the ultimate goal of creating the most comfortable, effortless, stylish staples in every woman’s wardrobe.

Never coming across any T-shirts with the exact combination of perfect fit, flattering cut and premium material she demanded, Janesuda decided to create her own, ardently studying the intricacies of pattern-making, stitching, dyes, and knit fabrics. The Signature Tee was the result, followed swiftly by the Signature Tank and the Signature Dress. JANESUDA was immediately cemented as a label wrought from passion and dedication to perfecting even the simplest of garments.

In addition to continuing the refinement of these brand staples, JANESUDA has broadened the wearable horizon, producing thematic seasonal lines from casual sundresses to formal evening wear.

What began as a passion project has transformed into a full-time endeavor, and Janesuda continues to design every original piece to exude sensuality, vivaciousness, and enchantment, while striving to maintain the sheer elegance, effortless refinement, and carefree spirit embodied in the ever- evolving JANESUDA brand.